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 Release Notes - Oct 05

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MensajeTema: Release Notes - Oct 05   5th Octubre 2015, 16:13

iRacing escribió:
Here are the release notes for the build we are going to deploy very shortly.


- Fixed a memory leak in the 64 bit version of the iRacingSim. This should help reduce loading issues with very large tracks such as Monza.

- Update the 32 bit version of the iRacingSim to better manage the memory limitations of 32 bit while trying to load very large tracks such as Monza.

Dynamic Track

- Fixed the session transition super-grip bug.

- Fixed a problem with the dynamic track data being misplaced on the unused overpass at Motegi when running the road course configuration (and possibly other tracks).

Driver Swaps

- Fixed an issue that would cause a team in a driver-swap session to be marked as "unofficial", and thus not score any championship points, if none of the team's members was fully-registered for the session at the time it was launched.

Session Splits

- Highest-to-lowest session splits are once again numbered with smallest-to-largest sub-sessionIDs.


- Fixed a bug where the sim starts to stutter when unplugging then replugging in a USB keyboard.


- Fixed a rare sim crash that could happen while in the Garage.

Race Control

- Fixed a bug that was causing certain portions of the race line to freak out, that would show up as the racing groove drawing a long distance sideways, or causing the pace car to drive off the track. (This fix required updating a small amount of data for every track, which is why you will see so many track updates.)

Road America

- Fixed a bump on the inside grass of Turn 14.

Website Release Notes:

My Account
- Added a Friend Referral link in "My Account" - use it and earn some free iRacing credits!
- Tweaked the code that computes how much of the total available content is owned

- Tweaked the code that checks if you've actually accepted Terms & Conditions
- Fixed the code that gives the corresponding helmet stripe in testing mode

Team Series Stats
- Added a listing and visual tooltip of cars used by teams  

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Release Notes - Oct 05
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